Faster, smarter referencing

Streamline your letting agency with our advanced digital tenant referencing, starting at £7.


tenant referencing

Key features

Free Pre-Screening
  • Quickly understand the suitability of your tenants without paying for a full reference.

  • Once reviewed, a single click takes the successful applicant into the full referencing journey.

Agent Dashboard
  • Manage all of your applications and services using our simple, but powerful dashboard.

  • Access your most important information on demand, as well as being able to download comprehensive tenant reports.

  • Our Task Manager means you can immediately action any required tasks without the need to check the status of in-progress applications.

Mobile-Optimised Tenant Journey
  • Our incredibly user-friendly tenant referencing journey means your customers can quickly and easily submit their applications.

  • Mobile-first design allows tenants to provide information and check on their application's status from their preferred device.

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The best of both worlds

We believe you shouldn't have to compromise on your tenant referencing; whether that is in the level of checks undertaken, time taken to complete or the cost of the product. Using the latest technology, we are able to deliver a detailed check that offers value for money.

Not only this, but the user-friendly digital platform provides a seamless application experience for your customers.


Rated 'Excellent' by over 1000 happy customers

We're proud of our reputation as a business that delivers an excellent level of service to our customers. It's at the heart of everything we do at Just Move In.

Take complete control

Access all of your references through your online portal at any time, on any device; giving you the latest progress on all applications. Daily summary emails also ensure you stay on top of what's in progress.

You can check invoices, order additional services or marketing material and keep track of any Right to Rent expiry dates.

We use a simple and efficient traffic light system to indicate an applicant’s suitability for a property. Comprehensive individual and summary reports provide a snapshot of an applicant's financial position and renting history, enabling the agent to make an informed decision.

A full-service solution

Our 5*-rated Home Setup Service combines utility management with unrivalled customer experience. Through this service, agents save time and resource whilst being able to generate additional revenue.

We also offer a full suite of insurance products from rent guarantee, deposit and landlord/tenant insurance. These services are fully-integrated, offering a seamless process that saves having to duplicate any effort.

Comprehensive checks that you can trust

  • Fully Digital Solution
    Save on costs and time by having all information for referencing safely stored in one place

  • Full Referencing for Tenants & Guarantors
    Comprehensive employer/income, previous landlord, address and guarantor checks.

  • Robust checking process
    Supplied referees need to be supported by supporting documentation from the tenant before the application can be approved. These are easily uploaded as a part of the application journey.

  • Global Identity Verification
    Searching over 3 Billion customer records, in 190 different countries, including law enforcement data.

  • Instant Credit Search & Analysis
    Understand a tenant’s credit history including any CCJs, Bankruptcy, PEPs and Sanctions.

  • Designed for Compliance
    Deliver your Right To Rent and AML checks without worry.

  • Rent Guarantee Insurance
    Comprehensive cover for rents up to £2500 available at the click of a couple of buttons

  • Home Setup Service
    Seamless journey into our existing 5* TrustPilot rated moving service meaning improved conversion rates, leading to more commission for you.


Open Banking

Due to arrive in early 2021, our Open Banking integration will provide the quickest and most secure way for an applicant to share their financial information with us in order to pass their reference.

We use the analysis of an applicants spending habits to further enhance the references provided by landlord and employer. 

This means that the insight we can provide not only looks at the financial picture of earnings but also what that applicant spend their money on and, ultimately, whether they are a financially viable option for the rental.

See our Digital Tenant Referencing platform in action

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