The ultimate guide to utility management for letting agents

The ultimate guide to utility management for letting agents

It’s not easy being a letting agent. You have to keep more balls in the air than a circus juggler. The admin isn’t just time-consuming; it’s all-consuming. If only you could focus on, you know, actually letting properties. 

Well, here’s some good news. First-rate utility management services can solve many of your woes. They’ll take care of the tasks you love to hate, and take away a world of worry. We explain why below… 

What is it?

Utility management services handle your move ins, move outs, void queries, meter reads submissions, and change of occupancy notifications. Even better, a good utility management provider will do most of the liaising with utility companies for you. The result? You’ll never have to speak to them again. Hallelujah.  

All the heavy lifting is done from one convenient dashboard. You simply input details like meter readings and the ingenious software will notify utility companies automatically. Your days of contacting gas, electric, and water companies individually will be over. And you’ll be over the moon.  

What are the benefits?

Automating arduous admin saves an incredible amount of time. You’ll no longer have to go all around the houses explaining who’s moved into where. The utility management company and service providers will know what’s going on thanks to the very latest technology.

What’s more, you’ll feel in complete control. You can follow the progress of different tenancies 24/7 and input information with a few clicks. What’s more, utility management software doesn’t make mistakes. Cutting out errors means less embarrassing phone calls and no more relationships teetering on the edge of the abyss.

Above all, however, reducing your utility-related admin means agents can focus on what they do best: letting properties. Your team will have more time to win new instructions, track down suitable tenants, and ultimately make your business more prosperous and profitable.  

The best solution?

Our own Utility Management service does all the above with bells on. In fact, it could save you approximately 19 hours of admin per month (based on 250 moves per year). You can find out precisely how much you’ll save with our Calculate Your Savings bar here. Simply input how many moves per month you complete and hey presto. 

Our platform is particularly efficient because we have API integrations with water and sewerage companies, access to the national gas and electricity databases, plus integrations with some of the councils (for council tax). It’s also completely digitised to make the process as accurate as possible. 

However, the best thing about our unique system is that you benefit from the human touch too. This is because we have a friendly Utility Management team working behind the scenes to help you. They’re always on hand to answer your questions and solve any problems. And they never say, “computer says no”.

Don’t forget the tenants

Although utility management services ease the burden for agents, it’s always worth improving the service you provide to customers too. You can do this by integrating our Utility Management service with our Home Setup Service. The latter takes care of your customers’ time-consuming admin and provides a better tenant moving experience by far. 

We can save home movers about eight hours by organising their removals, energy, insurance, storage, TV licence, Royal Mail redirection and more. We can also find tenants a great green energy tariff and a cracking deal on their TV and broadband. In other words, they can save both time and money too.

The whole shebang … with more bang for your buck

Whilst utility management is great on its own, integrating it with a home setup and tenant referencing service adds a whole new dimension. It creates a seamless end-to-end journey and a single solution that saves time, money and worry. You’ll feel liberated and hungry to win more business. And your customers will be as pleased as punch with your knockout service.

There is one final advantage, however. Our Home Setup Service enables you to earn attractive commissions when your customers take up paid-for services. Therefore, you can enjoy some nice little earners on the side while your customers are enjoying reduced monthly utility and media bills. Everybody wins. 

So what are you waiting for?

Our standard Utility Management and Home Setup services cost agents nothing. Nada. The service is completely free to use. You’ve therefore got everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Freeing yourself from the burden of endless admin can breathe new life into your agency. You’ll have more time to win new business. And with your agency’s reputation enhanced by your stellar service, those new customers should be easier to come by too.

Utility management is a boon for those who abhor abominable admin. But it also makes growing your business a lot more manageable too. 

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