Making the world a tiny bit greener: supporting mangrove tree projects

Making the world a tiny bit greener: supporting mangrove tree projects

Imagine if your upcoming home move could make a positive impact on our planet. Imagine that, just by using a simple service, you could protect vulnerable sea life, filter pollutants, and shield coastlines from destructive storms. Well, now you can. And it’s all thanks to our promise to plant a CO2-sucking mangrove tree for every new customer. 

Here’s what you need to know about mangroves: they’re absolutely magical. They’re powerful trees, which grow to about 24 metres tall, and they store five times more carbon than rainforests, which they lock away safely below ground. They also create unique wetland ecosystems, so they make life go swimmingly for all the little fishes.

By being a Just Move In customer, therefore, you’ll enjoy a lot more than just a stress-free home move. You’ll also have a mangrove planted in your name, help the fight against climate change, and make the world that tiny bit nicer. Go you. 

Why mangroves are little miracles…

Mangrove forests are the only kind that can grow in saltwater. They form a buffer between land and sea as they filter and clean run-off sediments. This protects all-important coral reefs and seagrass meadows. Their deep roots also help to conserve rice paddies from damaging saltwater.

What’s more, mangroves also help to protect communities that live near coastlines by shielding them from tropical cyclones. This means they’re a life-saver. Literally.

Planting mangrove trees was the perfect way to show our commitment to sustainability. Each time you move home, your carbon footprint grows. Planting a mangrove tree offsets the carbon from that home move. The result? We’re doing more to protect somewhere that we all call home: planet earth. 

The three P’s

At Just Move In, we’re focused on three things: people, planet, and prosperity. We’ve created our Home Setup Service to help people during a significantly stressful time in their lives. We’re also passionate about the people that work for us.

But the ‘P’ we’re talking about here is our wonderful planet. We’ve partnered with Worldview Impact Foundation, who help to restore ecosystems and improve living conditions in developing countries. They’re working hard to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6, 13, 14 and 15. We love the way they help local people with climate mitigation measures like preventing deforestation and restoring mangrove forests.

Therefore, although we’re a commercial company, we’re also an ethical one and our decisions are driven by doing good. We do good for our customers, our staff, and our environment. And let’s not forget the lickle fishes, too. 

How you can help

It’s easy. Just use our Home Setup Service. You can organise your move in just a few clicks. And if you need help, one of our Move Specialists is just a phone call away. It’s a great way to help yourself and the planet at the same time. 

To learn more about how Worldview Impact Foundation is planting mangrove trees in the fight against climate change, visit their website. There’s lots of interesting stuff there. Or, if you’re ready to become a Just Move In customer now, there’s no time like the present to sign up here. We’re itching to get more marvellous mangroves in the ground. 

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