How to move home sustainably

How to move home sustainably

Guest post by Tessa Clarke, Co-Founder and CEO of OLIO, the UK’s number 1 free sharing app

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things a person can do - and with good reason too! From endless house viewings and bidding wars, to sorting through your belongings and getting rid of all the unused things you’ve accumulated over the years, there’s so much that needs to be done. 

But what if you could make the experience that little bit easier by ensuring your unwanted belongings find a new home too? 

OLIO is the UK’s number 1 free sharing app with 4 million users. Our mission is to fight waste, help our neighbours, save the planet, and feel amazing. In fact, it was when I was moving house myself that I actually came up with the idea for the business. So if you’re preparing to move home and wondering what to do with some of your unwanted or unused items, here are some of our top tips for recycling, repurposing and reclaiming so nothing goes to waste.

1. Breathe new life into old things:

When moving home, it’s tempting to splurge on lots of new furniture to kit out your new pad - but really, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Breathing new life into your old things by upcycling is much easier than you think and can totally transform the look and feel of your home. A quick YouTube search will bring up thousands of how-to tutorials to get you going - plus you’ll learn some amazing new skills at the same time.

2. Planning is key:

Moving house and sorting through all your things often feels like an insurmountable task, so it’s easy to keep avoiding it. But leaving everything to the last minute not only adds to your stress levels, it also means you’re more likely to simply chuck out everything you don’t want, rather than take the time to find a new home for it. Starting nice and early lightens the load and means you can make much more environmentally-friendly choices. 

3. Pass it on to your buyers:

If you’ve got lots of things that you’ve decided you definitely don’t want to take with you when you move, it’s always worth offering it to the people who’ll be moving into your place rather than sending it straight to the landfill. First-time buyers who need to furnish a place will often jump at the chance to take things off your hands.

4. Don’t forget your fridge...

Remember, it’s not just the attic and the garage that are filled with things you’ll never get round to using. Our fridges are often full of perishable items that might not make it through the moving process. Or, you might decide to opt for a takeaway on the first night in your new place rather than sift through a thousand boxes trying to find your dinner plates.

But rather than chuck all that leftover food in the bin, you can easily upload it to the OLIO app so that people in your neighbourhood can come to collect it. Or why not drop it off at your neighbours as a little farewell gift? 

5. Use OLIO:

We’ve all heard the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ - and it’s so true. You’ll be surprised by how many people are interested in things that you assume are only fit for the bin. It takes less than a minute to snap a picture of your things and get them uploaded to the app. That’s way easier and quicker than taking a trip to the tip.  

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