New home, new you: How to use a move to improve yourself

New home, new you: How to use a move to improve yourself

Are you currently moving home? Well, changing homes is the perfect time to make some positive lifestyle changes too. You can create a new and improved version of who ‘you’ are and your way of life.

But how exactly do you do that? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this blog post. So settle down with a digestive biscuit and get ready to digest the following …

Environmental design

One of the best things about moving homes is the ability to start afresh. You get to design your living space however you like, and as a result, design how you interact with that space. 

The way you lay things out will ultimately decide what your life will be like in the months and years to come. If you put your kitchen utensils somewhere visible and readily available, for example, then you’ll be more likely to use them. And cooking is a healthy activity that’s great for the soul. 

The same applies to other positive activities too. If you want to keep a cleaner home, then keep your hoover in an easy-to-access place rather than at the back of a dark cupboard gathering cobwebs. Or if you want to read more, keep your books somewhere accessible. You could even buy a shiny new bookshelf.

The overall idea is to make it easier to do positive and wholesome things. Now you’ve just got to decide which activities make you the happiest. 

Choose who you want to be

Work backwards. Start with thinking about the type of person you want to become in your new home and then tailor your pad accordingly. The environment for someone who wants to block out distractions and focus for 6 months will be different to that of newlyweds planning to have a child.

Now, you don’t have to do this all in one go. You’ve got a lot of time ahead of you in this new home, and of course, you’ll develop and change as the months pass. But doing as much as you can early on gives you the best chances of success.

A wise man once said that if you don’t control how you interact with your environment, then your environment will control how you interact with it. So actively think about the type of person you want to become and set up your home with that type of person in mind. You’ll soon start to become that person.

Want to be a runner? Simply create an environment conducive to being a runner by keeping your running gear out and creating dedicated stretching areas. This approach is a fantastic way to change what you want to change about you. And it can also prevent you from falling back into bad habits. Talking of which…

Identify previous bad habits

Removing the big, bad negatives is a great way to inspire positive change. Let’s say, for example, that you’re a smoker who smoked heavily in your old home. Try to work out what triggered your cravings and then remove these influences from your new environment. 

Take time to identify the repetitive behaviours you want to leave behind. This clarity and awareness will help you to avoid them going forwards. 


When it comes to creating desirable behaviours or removing undesirable behaviours, there is one underlying principle: friction. So reduce the frictions that make positive behaviours hard, whilst increasing the frictions that make negative activities easy. 

In our smoking example, this could mean storing your cigarettes in a really hard-to-reach place. We’re all wired to choose the path of least resistance. Therefore, if we make it harder to smoke, then we’re less likely to do it.

But always remember that persistence is the key. Don’t allow yourself to reduce that all-important friction or you’ll be back to square one. Hmph.  

It’s the same with our positive examples. If you want to read more, then make it easier to pick up a book. Leave good reads everywhere – on the TV stand, the coffee table, your bedside table etc. And hide those dastardly distractions, like the TV remote. It’s all common sense but every little helps.

Focus on the important stuff  

It’s hard to focus on self-improvement when your head is elsewhere. So let us take care of all the time-consuming admin when you move home. Our Home Setup Service will handle all the tedious tasks that you won’t want to worry about.

The result? You’ll be totally zen. You’ll have an uncluttered mind as you declutter your home and focus on what matters most to you. Before you know it, you’ll be living the best version of your new life. Happy days. 

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