Why you need a home setup service

Why you need a home setup service

Three things are certain about moving home: it’s stressful, it’s admin-intensive, and it’s time-consuming. Trust us, we get it. Moving home is worrying because it involves a fear of the unknown, it may mean leaving friends and family behind, and you might be left feeling unprepared. Yikes.

But it doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, moving home should get your nerves tingling with excitement rather than worry. If you get the right people to help you – a home setup service you can rely on – then you can ditch the doubts and look forward to the good stuff, like having a hoot at your housewarming party. 

Moving home can be the new lease of life that you’ve been searching for. It’s the perfect time to hit the reset button and start the next chapter of your life. And, if you get a home setup service to do the heavy lifting, you’ll even have time to start the next chapter of that book that’s collecting dust by your bed.

Just imagine moving into your new home with everything set up, ready for you to kick back on your comfy sofa and enjoy your new surroundings. That’s what a home setup service can do for you. Here’s how they help… 

They do all your time-consuming admin

There’s a lot more to moving home than packing boxes and having a removal company transport your belongings. What about switching gas and electricity suppliers? Who will notify your water and sewage companies that you’re moving? 44% of movers spend up to three hours just on switching over their utilities. That’s time you could spend with your feet up.

The arduous admin doesn’t stop there, either. Your home and contents insurance will need updating. There’s also council tax to attend to, broadband to arrange, Royal Mail to redirect, and so much more. Your head will be spinning like a top. Moving home is more complicated than you may realise. 

But fear not. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Our skilled Move Specialists can do all of this for you. Here’s why…

They do much more than a traditional moving company 

Home moving companies have one job: getting the contents of your home from A to B. But moving home entails a lot more hassle than just transporting your belongings. That’s why hiring a moving company alone won’t cut the mustard. 

The average removals moving company can’t handle your energy switch, your council tax, or your contents insurance. And they can’t redirect your mail or help you get access to credit facilities. There’s a whole other world that removal services don’t address.

A home setup service, on the other hand, does the lot. 

A home setup service makes you feel at home

Our team are whizzes when it comes to facilitating a hassle-free and seamless moving experience. 

We don’t come to your home to pack your boxes, load them into a truck, and drop them off at your new place and leave – that’s your removal company’s job (and we’ll help you find a good one). Instead, our Move Specialists make the whole shebang a doddle. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy your new pad.

The Just Move In difference is that, when you arrive at your new home, everything will be just right. There’ll be no nightmares for you, only sweet dreams.

We take care of all the little details

Our dedicated Move Specialists can handle everything from hiring a reliable removal company to ensuring you aren’t automatically switched to the most expensive energy tariff. Our specialists are uber-reliable so you can expect only the best service.

We can also help you secure a personal loan to cover moving expenses or any items you may need for your new home. We can also arrange storage if you’re not going to move all your belongings into your new place in one go.

Your Move Specialist will also take care of important things like council tax, switching your utilities over to new suppliers, ensuring your boiler is serviced, and can even help you find your water meter. Yep. We can do that, too.

And the service doesn’t end there. We also offer Home Cover products that take care of protecting your home electrics, plus we’re experts in finding good deals for your broadband, mobile, and home media like Sky TV.

Why use one of our home setup specialists?

Now that you know what our home move team does, we’d like to tell you a little more about who we are.

There are three things we’re truly passionate about: people, the planet, and prosperity. We give those facing a stressful move peace of mind that all the important stuff is in good, capable hands. And, although we use cutting-edge technologies to run our business, we keep people at the forefront of our company. Those algorithms will never understand the emotional side of moving. 

We’re also an ethical group of people who believe in doing good. We’re proudly B Corp. certified, we pay our employees at least the ‘Real Living Wage’, and we plant one carbon-absorbing and pollutant-filtering mangrove tree for every one of our customers that we service. 

Our Move Specialists therefore always go the extra mile. So, exhale and unwind. We’ll make sure that your home move is simple and stress-free. Essentially, we set up your entire home so that you can, literally, just move in.

If you’d like to learn more about our company and our Home Setup Service, visit our website or contact us on 01202 022448. You can also pop us an email at welcome@justmovein.com

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