Unforeseen moving expenses that could hit your budget

Unforeseen moving expenses that could hit your budget

What are the hidden costs of moving that people often forget? You probably budgeted for the usual expenses of a home move like credit checks, deposits for a rental property and mortgage, survey and estate agent fees for a purchase. See our top hidden move costs you need to consider, to avoid blowing your budget.


Will your home be ready when you need it? Complicated selling chains or unusual vendor circumstances mean you may not be able to move in when you need to. Even if you have family or friends you can stay with for a few weeks, or even months, it is unlikely they will be able to store all your belongings. So storage unit costs, or even accommodation for you and your family, might be required. Choose a storage unit close to where you are moving to, which will be more convenient for the unpack. Expect to pay £50–£250 per month depending on size and facilities. For short-term property rentals, have a look at Airbnb, as well as more traditional rental options.

Tip: Shop around for the best storage unit price and negotiate. If they will not budge on price ask for extra time instead, a free collection service if available, or free storage boxes, which they normally sell. 


Leaving a property clean for new occupants might be considered common courtesy, but in the current Covid situation some home buyers are insisting on a professional deep clean. You might need to allow for these costs if it comes up.

If you are moving out of a rental property you may already be contractually obliged to pay for professional cleaning, especially if the landlord paid for this before you moved in. Cleaning the oven, carpets and curtains might be required. You will need to provide a copy of the invoice to the agent, so unfortunately just doing a great job yourself does not count. Expect to pay £15–£20 per hour for a cleaning company. 

And remember to tidy up the garden. If your landlord has to pay a gardener to sort out after you leave they may take this cost out of your deposit.

Tip: Ask the estate agent for your obligations, read your contract and check what is covered in a cleaning service. If you’d rather avoid the hassle, book a Home Setup Service and we can arrange cleaning through our network of trusted suppliers. 

Packing and removals

Some say paying for a packing and removal service was the best money they spent on a move, saving time and effort. Make sure you consider any additional costs which may not be covered in a basic quote, including removals insurance, supply of boxes, furniture dismantling fees and specialist moving services i.e. pianos or high-value items. Remember: the cheapest won’t always be the best, especially if things go wrong during the move. Ask for a home visit to confirm your removals quote reflects your belongings. Expect to pay £500–£2500 depending on property and services.

Even if you don’t use a removals company, don’t forget you may need to allow budget to hire a van and good quality packing boxes. You’ll need more boxes than you think. Declutter ruthlessly and only take what you need. Start early if you are packing yourself. Expect to pay £50–£250 for boxes and for van hire £30–£120 per day depending on the size of the van.

Tip: Ask for recommendations for a removals company or check with the Removals Ombudsman. Before buying packing boxes, post a request on local social media, people are often getting rid of delivery boxes. Alternatively, we can arrange your packing and removals as part of a Home Setup Service.

Service providers

Check the small print. If you break your contract early you may be liable for contract cancellation fees on your property rental agreement, broadband or TV media. The service provider might not be able to port the service to your new address or they may have it in their terms and conditions that you need to extend the contract with any move; it may also be within their rights to do this at a higher rate than you currently pay. Work out if it is cheaper to just cancel, take the fee and get a better deal with someone else.

Charges for gas and electricity are usually averaged out over the year, so depending on the time of year and if you are in credit, you may have a balance to settle. 

Tip: Use this as an opportunity to change your provider to get a better tariff, better customer service and a feel-good switch to a green provider. Just Move In can find you a great deal on your home services without the stress of comparing. Find out more here.


Never underestimate how much of your time will be taken up moving. You are most likely to be arranging the move around usual working time and family commitments. Apart from the physical sorting, there is the moving admin for both your old and your new addresses. You will need to contact all your suppliers and providers for mobiles, media, broadband and insurances, not to mention important documentation like DVLA and financial services. Make sure you provide readings for all utilities too. Remember to leave a forwarding address at your old property. Unfortunately, you could end up dealing with anything up to 20–35 different parties pre- and post-move. 

Tip: Allow plenty of time to call, email and write to your providers. Work through a checklist to keep on track. If you can afford to pay for any service to make your life easier, do it. Life is short. 

If you’re moving home soon and want to hand over your arduous home move admin, claim your free Home Setup Service by going here:https://info.justmovein.com/free-home-setup-service

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