'Moving home' tops the stress level chart

'Moving home' tops the stress level chart

According to new research, 52% of the nation feel 'moving home' is one of the most stressful life events; with the additional requirements of social distancing and other pandemic based procedures, it’s just got a whole lot more stressful.

When it comes to moving, 28% find it more stressful than having a baby, getting married, going to job interviews or doing a driving test. It also beats waiting for what was the biggest elephant in the room to leave until COVID-19 arrived – Brexit.

One of the reasons for this is that 44% of movers spend up to three hours just swapping their utilities over. Just Move In reduces the stress and hassle of the home moving process by recommending the best essential services and doing the leg work for you; freeing you up to focus on the important parts of moving, like remembering to take the kids, face masks and hand sanitiser with you. Our latest survey of home movers found that 52% of those asked ranked 'moving home' at an eight or above on a scale of one-to-10 when asked how stressful they found moving – with 10 being the most stressful.

When looking at the most stressful aspects of moving home itself, 49% of people found 'packing' to be the most stressful part, followed by 'transferring your services and updating existing utility providers' (27%). With everything that needs organising for a smooth and successful home move, it comes as no surprise that transferring services and utilities ranks so highly, with 44% of movers spending over 30 minutes on the phone to each supplier. With council tax, water and sewerage, gas and electricity, TV and broadband, phone and insurance as a minimum, that’s more than three hours spent on the phone. Time that could be spent on other things – like binge-watching Netflix. 

We know first hand how incredibly stressful it can be to move home and we can appreciate that in the current climate it’s even more stressful than usual. Unfortunately, it remains one of those life events that will always bring a certain degree of stress regardless of when you do it due to the nature of the move itself and the time and money involved. One of the main contributing factors to this level of stress is setting up essential services as you move into a new property. To make things easier, most people tend to stick with the incumbent provider to save time or opt for the cheapest tariff to save money.

However, this can lead to even more stress further down the line as the cheapest, short-term provider turns out to be, well, not that great when it comes to other more important factors such as customer service, performance, and environmental and social impact. At Just Move In, we believe in recommending better suppliers that score well across the long-term, which means good all-year-round pricing, great customer support, tariffs that work for the needs of our customers and of course, they have to have a positive impact on the planet.

As it stands, making the right choice is more important than ever, as not only could it save you some valuable money, but it may also improve other areas of life: such as that ropey WiFi signal that keeps dropping out mid-Zoom call as you struggle to work from home.

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At the end of the day, don't worry about the stress. Our Home Setup service takes all the stress out of your move, so you can focus on the things that matter. Learn more here.

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