Making moves? A complete list of who to notify when moving home

Making moves? A complete list of who to notify when moving home

There’s a lot to consider when moving home. It’s not just about packing your belongings and choosing a home moving service, there’s also a lot to do in terms of notifying companies and service providers of your move. 

There are a lot of home moving checklists online listing who to notify that you are moving, but we’ve put together the ultimate list – the only one you’ll need – to ensure that everyone is notified, and you have less to worry about.

Utilities and services

This is the boring part, but you are going to have to let all your utilities suppliers and services know that you are moving home. Think of it this way: if you have any bills, the company you pay needs to be notified. These include:

  • Your electricity supplier
  • You gas supplier
  • Your local council for the purpose of council tax
  • Your water and sewerage companies
  • Your mobile and landline providers
  • Your broadband supplier
  • Your TV provider, or home media services like Sky TV and Virgin
  • TV Licensing
  • Your post office – you can set up a Royal Mail redirection for the first few months after moving.


Anything that involves money, from banks to your employer, will require a notification of your home move and your new address. These companies include:

  • Any banks, credit card, or savings companies you have accounts with
  • Building societies
  • Your student loan provider
  • Your electoral register so that you can vote
  • The company you work for
  • HMRC for tax and National Insurance purposes
  • Your home, car, and mobile insurance companies
  • Your breakdown recovery provider
  • Investment funds
  • Loan providers
  • Any financial service providers where you have private pensions or annuities.


There are two layers to this. You’ll need to notify any of your existing health providers of the change of your address. A second thing you’ll need to consider, particularly if you’re moving to a new area, is to register with any new health providers you may need to visit, especially in the case of an emergency. You should notify:

  • Your local GOP
  • Your dentist
  • Your optician
  • Your vet
  • Your Pharmacist (prescription delivery)
  • Your health insurance, including your dental insurance
  • Your hospital if you are having any ongoing treatments.

A few more things to consider

The most important companies and people you need to notify of your home move are the ones mentioned above. But there are some others you may want to consider letting know to help make life easier:

  • The DVLA for your driver’s license and car registration
  • Loyalty card providers such as Tesco
  • Any subscriptions you may have such as magazines, subscription boxes, or regular deliveries
  • Your library
  • Your school, college, or university
  • Any charities you support
  • Pet microchip databases
  • Your cleaner and gardener
  • Your milk delivery service
  • Online retailers like Amazon and eBay
  • Sports clubs or gym memberships

To be on the safe side, it’s best to let all the above people and providers know as early as a month before you move as admin changes can take time. It’s best to be prepared.

We’ve put all these providers and companies into one handy checklist that you can download and keep as you check each item off the list.

According to our research, it can take up to eight hours to notify all of the above companies, councils, and service providers, not to mention switching utilities suppliers. Hmmm…what would you do if you had eight free hours? 

Our Move Specialists can contact many of the providers and companies above on your behalf and have your home utilities switched to new suppliers at the best possible prices, without even lifting a finger. Sound good? Then we’ve got you sorted. Find out more about the service our Home Move Specialists provide on our website.

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