Chain reaction: is breaking the chain ever a good idea?

Chains are the bane of property professionals and buyers alike. Love them or hate them, they do serve a purpose - making it possible to leave your old home and move into your new one on the same day. But is breaking the chain ever a good idea? We reveal all in this blog post…

A fine mess: when tenants don’t pay their last month’s rent

A tenant refusing to pay their last month’s rent is a perennial property problem. They do it because they’re worried about their deposit, but that can be a big problem for landlords. We share the solution in our latest blog post, which you can read here.

The fixer-upper dilemma: should sellers renovate before going to market?

After weeks of deliberation, you’ve finally decided to move. But before you go, you wonder if it’s worth investing in renovation for a faster sale at a better price? Find out the answer in this blog post.

What do letting agents do, exactly?

It’s time to ponder one of the property market’s existential questions. We all know what letting agents look like – they tend to be well-presented, silver-tongued folk – but what, precisely, do they do? And, perhaps more importantly, how can they help you find the perfect home and live happily ever after?

The digital home move revolution

Automation is beginning to play an increasing role in the property sector. We’ve got Open Banking, electronic Tenant Referencing, and now the age of the digital move is upon us... Read our thoughts here.

Personal checklist of things to look for when choosing a location

Moving home can create a lot of unnecessary stress, among which is knowing what to look for in your new location. This post will help you with exactly that...