Getting Our House In Order

Our landmark report on the state of sustainability in the domestic property sector.

A fine mess: when tenants don’t pay their last month’s rent

A tenant refusing to pay their last month’s rent is a perennial property problem. They do it because they’re worried about their deposit, but that can be a big problem for landlords. We share the solution in our latest blog post, which you can read here.

Get smart: why letting agents should recommend smart meters to landlords

One of the easiest ways to save energy, lower bills, and make homes more sustainable is currently being ignored: installing a SmartMeter. We investigate why that is and what can be done about it in our latest blog.

What will sustainable homes look like in 2030?

Currently, 40% of the UK’s total energy use goes towards powering homes. To achieve the sustainable future we need to beat climate change, some serious solutions will have to be made. So what will the sustainable homes of the future look like?

Government turning up the heat on gas boilers

With 14% of our #carbonemissions coming from homes, the government is cracking down with their latest #netzero scheme: the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Switch to a heat pump and the government will offer a grant of £5000.

Upbeat Bulletin - August 2021

From sustainability at the Olympics to Biden’s 500 million vaccine donation, this Upbeat Bulletin is just the uplifting boost you need today. Check it out here.