Upbeat Bulletin – December 2021

Our final Upbeat Bulletin of the year has arrived, and we’ve got a few warming stories to help you battle the cold. Learn how an Aussie farmer is making pig poo into renewable energy and get some last-minute green gift inspiration in our most recent post.

Home truths: the move or improve dilemma

To move or improve - it's a dilemma as old as man. Should you renovate your current home or pack your bags and settle elsewhere? Well, there are arguments both ways. We give you all the reasons you need in this blog post.

Who To Tell When Moving House: Who Should Be Informed?

Moving home is not just about packing your belongings and booking a van. There’s a lot to do that you probably haven’t thought of, like notifying your energy supplier or signing up with a new dentist. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our complete moving home checklist.

Greta Expectations Fulfilled? The COP26 Summit Reviewed

Although COP26 might not have been the event we hoped it would be, there were certainly some positive outcomes. With pledges made and plans in place, it could very well be a happy ending after all. We review the summit in our most recent blog post.

Your Guide To Dealing With Moving House Stress & Anxiety

Finding a new home is super exciting, but panic and stress can quickly sneak in. Luckily, we’re the home move experts, so we’ve put together this guide for dealing with moving stress and anxiety.

What will sustainable homes look like in 2030?

Currently, 40% of the UK’s total energy use goes towards powering homes. To achieve the sustainable future we need to beat climate change, some serious solutions will have to be made. So what will the sustainable homes of the future look like?