Cladding climb-down in the offing?

Since the Grenfell cladding tragedy in 2017, some leaseholders have been living in limbo. Developers and MPs don’t want to cough up the cash and it’s far too much for a living wage worker to cover. But how is this changing, and is there hope on the horizon? We give you an update in our most recent blog post.

3 Ways That Technology is Disrupting the Property Sector

Technology never ceases to amaze, with its advancements improving almost every industry. But what new innovations are on the horizon specific to the property sector? We do some future gazing in our most recent blog post.

Still On The Up: 2021 Property Sector Review

2021 has been another bumper year for the property market. We've done our best to sum up the whirlwind that was the last 12 months in this blog post.

Doing our bit at the beach

Cleaning up the environment sometimes means getting your hands dirty. That's what we learned first hand at Chesil Beach on the 23rd November, when 25 of us took part in the great Just Move In beach clean of 2021. Find out more about what we got up to in our latest blog post.

Upbeat Bulletin – December 2021

Our final Upbeat Bulletin of the year has arrived, and we’ve got a few warming stories to help you battle the cold. Learn how an Aussie farmer is making pig poo into renewable energy and get some last-minute green gift inspiration in our most recent post.

Greta Expectations Fulfilled? The COP26 Summit Reviewed

Although COP26 might not have been the event we hoped it would be, there were certainly some positive outcomes. With pledges made and plans in place, it could very well be a happy ending after all. We review the summit in our most recent blog post.