Residential Expert with Mark Hayward - May 2022

Here's our latest Residential Expert with industry guru and JMI Ambassador, Mark Hayward. He shares his outlook for the Property Market, reviews the lasting impact of the pandemic and discusses why market predictions are so often wrong.

Living in the past: should Right To Buy be extended to housing association tenants?

It’s hard to get onto the property ladder these days. One of Boris’ ideas to solve this is extending Right To Buy - giving people the opportunity to buy their council homes for a big discount. But has he got the right idea?

Are open houses a good way to sell homes?

There are a few divisive topics in the property industry, and open houses are one of them. Some agents love them, and some think the traditional way is best. But who’s right?

How buying agents can help you find your dream home

Finding your dream home is no easy task. Fortunately, buying agents like Garringtons are a thing - and we got the chance to interview the CEO, Jonathan Hopper. Insights, secrets and more can be found here.

Trust us. You can trust estate agents.

According to Ipsos, the well-known market research and public opinion specialists, estate agents are the fifth least trusted profession in the UK. Is that fair?

Is buying off-plan a good plan?

Most house hunters view many homes before buying, but, for some, zero physical viewings will do. Buying properties off-plan might seem bonkers but can have some big upsides. We share the pros and cons in this post.