Chain reaction: is breaking the chain ever a good idea?

Chains are the bane of property professionals and buyers alike. Love them or hate them, they do serve a purpose - making it possible to leave your old home and move into your new one on the same day. But is breaking the chain ever a good idea? We reveal all in this blog post…

Property Price Prefixes Pondered

Agreeing on an asking price for your property is a delicate balance. You’ve got to keep it realistic while ensuring you still get a good price; price prefixes are one tool you can use to do just that. But which strategy is best? Find out in this blog post.

Sign of the times: are For Sale boards still important in this digital age?

For Sale signs are everywhere. They can be seen all over towns and cities across the UK. But are they a sign of a bygone time, or are they still important in this digital age? Find out in our most recent blog post.

Upbeat Bulletin - August 2021

From sustainability at the Olympics to Biden’s 500 million vaccine donation, this Upbeat Bulletin is just the uplifting boost you need today. Check it out here.

Technology in the property sector: everything you need to know

Across the world, technology is transforming industries and property has been one that has seen huge change. We’ve compiled the following guide on how Proptech can help your agency grow.

A fine mess: when tenants don’t pay their last month’s rent

A tenant refusing to pay their last month’s rent is a perennial property problem. They do it because they’re worried about their deposit, but that can be a big problem for landlords. We share the solution in our latest blog post, which you can read here.