TikTok, TikTok: why it’s time for estate agents to embrace video marketing

Video is one of the best forms of marketing. And you don’t need a kitted out setup to scale the ranks of social media. Our latest blog post reveals why it’s time for estate agents to embrace video marketing.

Hammer time: the pros and cons of property auctions

If you love life in the fast lane, property auctions could be for you - and they’re not as risky as you might initially think. We explore the pros and cons of buying at auction and share top tips for any keen bidders.

John Browett moves in

We’ve got some exciting news to share. Veteran retail CEO, John Browett, is joining our team as chairman. With oodles of experience and a catalogue of credentials, we’re as pleased as punch to welcome him aboard.

The energy crisis – your questions answered

With Brexit and Covid, there seems to be one crisis after another these days. The current energy crisis is a bit different, though there’s no need to panic. What’s going on and when will it end? We answer all of your questions here.

Did the stamp duty holiday really cause the pandemic property boom?

As we look back on the stamp duty holiday, property sales have soared. With a 13% rise in housing prices in June this year, it's only natural to guess this is all thanks to Rishi Sunak's scheme. But what exactly will the future look like when things are back to normal? And was the rise in prices completely due to the stamp duty holiday?

Chain reaction: is breaking the chain ever a good idea?

Chains are the bane of property professionals and buyers alike. Love them or hate them, they do serve a purpose - making it possible to leave your old home and move into your new one on the same day. But is breaking the chain ever a good idea? We reveal all in this blog post…