The Residential Expert - August 2022

Forget the word heatwave; it was like living in a microwave two weeks ago. Which raises the question, how is the UK going to combat property heat in the future? We bring in industry expert Mark Hayward to help us figure it out in our latest Residential Expert.

Beating the heat: how the property sector can survive summer heat waves

Last week, the heatwave had the country melting, and even inside felt scorching for some. Average summer temperatures are set to rise further, and UK properties are particularly unprepared for it. So what can we do about it?

Ahead of the pack: could auction-style sales packs boost the housing market?

Buying at auction gives you all the essential info on a property, allowing buyers to make educated decisions. So why isn't it the same for people who buy through estate agents?

The Residential Expert - July 2022

It’s been a turbulent summer so far, in the UK, the world, AND the property sector. With the release of the Renters Reform Bill white paper, who better to put things in perspective than our very own Residential Expert, Mark Hayward?

Upbeat Bulletin - July 2022

Here's the Summer edition of our regular roundup of positive news stories...

Asking questions: why setting an asking price can often be tricky

Many buyers think agents casually pull a figure out of the air when setting an asking price. The truth is, setting an asking price can often be tricky.