Sign of the times: are For Sale boards still important in this digital age?

For Sale signs are everywhere. They can be seen all over towns and cities across the UK. But are they a sign of a bygone time, or are they still important in this digital age? Find out in our most recent blog post.

Getting Our House In Order

Our landmark report on the state of sustainability in the domestic property sector.

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The subletting dilemma: how letting agents can help landlords

Subletting is marmite. Some landlords love it; others hate it. If all goes well then it can benefit everyone. But it can leave a nasty taste in the mouth when things go wrong...

Box office: 10 reasons why physical offices are still a must for agents

Remote working was already on the rise before the pandemic. And now, thanks to Covid-19, commercial landlords are beginning to fear the worst. Could this be the end of the physical office? We don’t think so. And here are our 10 reasons why physical offices are still a must for estate agents.

Happy and glorious? Our reaction to the Queen’s speech

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