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A - Book your Bills Check-up
B - Our new Bills Check-up
C - Save money with our Bills Check-up

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Hi <FirstName>,

We’re always looking for ways to help our customers, which is why we wanted to let you know about our brand new complimentary Bills Check-up service.

How does it work?

As of today, and in partnership with our friends at Just Move In, you can book a 15 minute appointment with one of their friendly team, who will review your current energy, broadband, phone, media and insurance suppliers and make recommendations on better providers, meaning you could save hundreds of pounds a year. One person to help manage all of these services in a streamlined and super-easy way. And it’s totally free of charge. 

Just Move In recommends better providers, looking at: long-term pricing, customer service ratings, contract types and environmental & social impact. They’re a B Corp themselves, which means they’re committed to recommending products & services having a positive impact, and encourage their partners, customers and suppliers to think differently about what they're consuming.

Book your appointment today:

£7bn wasted every year on our bills

That’s right. In the UK alone, we waste a staggering £7bn every year by not changing to better providers for our energy, broadband, media and insurance. This is largely down to people being confused by the hundreds of different suppliers, the perception of it being a huge hassle, and crucially, not knowing who to trust.

We hope you find the service useful.

Best regards,


Statistics taken from research undertaken by an independent supplier -