Help your customers (even if they’re not moving)

Offer your customers a complimentary Bills Check-up and our friendly team will help them save money on their bills. Not only that, but you can earn additional revenue too. Winner winner.

Every penny counts

Our Bills Check-up service has been designed with two specific things in mind.

As always, we want to help people around the country save money on their bills and be less stressed in the process. But, at a time when our partners are looking for additional ways to generate revenue, we wanted to offer something to help support them too.

Our new service opens up a new revenue channel and gives you an opportunity to contact customers you haven’t spoken to in a while; enabling you to nurture your relationships.

£7bn wasted every year on bills

Roughly 20% of UK consumers switch home-related suppliers every year (energy, broadband, media, insurance, etc), which leaves a staggering 80% of people sat on out-of-contract tariffs. This equates to around £7bn in wasted money each year.

We know that many people don’t switch because they find comparison sites confusing and overwhelming, or they simply can’t be bothered to spend time finding the best products and services. This is where the Bills Check-up comes in.

What services are included?





How does it work?

As with our Home Setup Service, your customers will be able to book in for a 15 minute appointment with our team of experts. They'll look at their existing suppliers and then make impartial recommendations to help them save some money and hassle.

Rather than just looking at ‘first year costs’ to customers, we promote better providers - looking at things like long-term pricing, customer service, contract types, as well as environmental & social impact.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. You just need to email your customers to let them know about the Bills Check-up and point them to a landing page on our website, then we do the rest.

We’ve put together a template for you to use, which you can copy and paste into your email platform and this can be found in the Partner Toolkit. You can of course use your own assets and copy if you wish.

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